God changed me!!

I was listening to a Priscilla Shirer talk and something she said touched me!! She was talking about Gods’ patience towards us. She said:

Inside of every kernel of corn there’s a microscopic dot of water, so when you take a bag of microwave popcorn and you place it inside the microwave. You are not actually heating up the shell of the corn but you’re heating up the microscopic dot of water that is inside the shell.

When those microscopic dots of water begin to heat up, it creates steam and the more it steams it presses up the shell and finally there’s so much pressure inside that kernel of corn that it pops!!

Now it looks completely different from the outside, not because you did anything to the outside but because you heated up what was on the inside. When you heat up what was on the inside, what is on the outside automatically looks different!!

This is what God does in our lives, we can’t physically see him but just like the microscopic dot of water he is there and as you heat up the work of God in the inside, as you’re immersing yourself in Gods’ word he begins to press and press against the shell up until one day you pop and become a masterpiece of Gods work, you become a manifestation of Gods’ greatness!!You’ve been changed from the inside out. You become a different being!! God saves and changes!!



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